Paradise and hell description how to rescue soul …

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 Paradise and hell description how to rescue soul …

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All hello! So happens that the Lord has allowed me to see during lifetime still Paradise and a hell, and secrets of a next world. On a site there is everything that it is necessary to know to the believing person. How to rescue soul from a hell and to live eternally, how to cure any illnesses a prayer, how to learn to see the future and so on. But the matter is that I, Nikolay, am the citizen of Russia and the site is a wire transfer from Russian. Therefore errors are admissible. For earlier I will forgive pardons for it. Russian very rich and many words simply is not present in English language, therefore exact transfer to make not probably. Here the reference to a site:
For those who knows Russian I give the reference to Russian site:
All I wish health and wisdom. Store All of you God!
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 Re: Paradise and hell description how to rescue soul …

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