Women wear the Tallit?

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 Women wear the Tallit?

Post by jinetakosa »

Can women wear the tallit or is this just for the men? What about wearing a kippah? I have heard that in Halacha, women’s hair must be covered. Must men wear a kippah when wearing the tallit? Is it proper to wear a hat rather than a kippah, or even a tallit?
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 Re: Women wear the Tallit?

Post by davidedmorn »

God does not command a specific style, color, or size of head covering, it is important that the church does not add to God’s Word and require a specific style, color, or size. Some churches have specified a style, color, and size thinking that it would prevent the people of the church from discarding the head covering. It was in continuous progress and it is followed by everyone.

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