Vicar of the Lord on the earth or the devil's advocate?

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 Vicar of the Lord on the earth or the devil's advocate?

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At present even dedicated optimists can`t contradict the fact that modern civilization faces the most serious challenge of present century – threat of the downfall of the world security system inherent in confrontation among nuclear states. This was facilitated by Russian aggression in Ukraine, war in Syria, migration crisis and terroristic acts in EU countries. Looking forward to realize its imperial ambitions, Russia has practically initiated revision of postwar settlement of the world.

21st century brought significant extension of means of aggression – such concept as “hybrid war” became ingrained in everyday use. This type of modern war is defined rather by use of terrorist propaganda force, different techniques of misrepresentation of information, terror, economic pressure, secret service’s subversive activity than by use of military means. That is hybrid war that became the key instrument of Russian geopolitics. Russia’s actions both in Ukraine, Syria and European continent as a whole are an example.

Aggressor has always been seeking to find justification for its actions, so, Russia is not an exception. Intentionally creating chaos and accelerating tensions in the world, Kremlin substantiates its actions and justifies authoritarianism restitution, distorting history and framing different theories, i.e. theory of “historical attribute”… Russian authorities also cynically use their influence on Church. As far as Moscow Patriarchy has always been the main supporter for government, present Russian authorities have added such experience of government-church relationships to their armoury.

Both in human and social dimensions Church has always been the moral authority, church clergy has inspired respect not only among flock but among nonreligious as well. Therefore it’s difficult to overestimate Church’s peace-support mission, its participation in searching for reconciliation when resolving regional conflict. That is the trump card actively used by the Russian leader for own purposes.

As is known, the war at the East of Ukraine and bombardment of civilians in Syria by Russian NASP resulted in political isolation of Russia and ultimately made Putin unwelcomed. Despite of rousing claims of Russian authorities, sanctions heavily affect the economy of the country and cause irreparable loss to oligarchy (Russian economy in fact is an asset of Russian oligarchy). V. Putin is very much aware that the new upsurge of aggression will result in strengthening sanctions. He strives to veil his actions in all possible ways. Nowadays Kremlin propaganda machine extensively lobbies outside audience in an effort to replace the image of “Putin-terrorist” by image of “Putin-peacemaker”. To this extent the role of Russian Orthodox Church is far from minor. Perhaps, that is why currently we may observe such unexpected thaw in relations of the Pope and Patriarch Kirill triggered by Russia. Recent resonant meeting in Havana purported to demonstrate Russia’s “peacefulness” to the whole world rather than to achieve important arrangements whatsoever. If Pope’s declarations on the need for dialog seem to be quite sincere, than the same doesn’t apply to Kirill, as the main objective of the dialog between churches initiated by Russia is nothing but “furbishing” Russia’s and personally Putin’s image.

Probably, the point is certain lack of awareness of Pope Francis regarding Patriarch Kirill’s incentives? What if Vatican’s mistakes in foreign policy come from the stand of Pope’s circle? It is well known that the so-called “Russophile party” has been established amidst the top hierarchy of Catholic Church. To put it easy, certain part of clergy expressly or by implication facilitates promotion of Russia’s interests. In this regard the person of Cardinal Koch, who consolidates eastern policy making in Vatican is a striking example. The other is the person of Ignatius Joseph III, leader of Catholic Church in Syria, who looks forward to represent Russians as peacemakers, despite of apparent evidence of a number of crimes committed against Syrian civilians by Russian troops.

Situation with apprehension of Ukrainian issue is far from better. It seems that Pope Francis obtains information about events in Ukraine through “Russian filter”, whereas Russia represents intervention in Ukraine far apart from the truth, as internal, civil conflict.

According to mass media, another meeting of Patriarch Kirill and Pope Francis is going to be held soon. As it is known, Minsk became the place of negotiations on “Ukrainian crisis” settlement. The next meeting shall be dedicated in particular to the issue of peace making in Ukraine. Odd as it may seem, Russia is going to hold it without participation of Ukraine’s representatives. In other words, Kremlin expects that Ukraine will be represented by Kirill. There are no prizes for guessing in what way in such a case Russian invasion in Ukraine and war in Donbass would be represented.

Russia’s purpose is quite clear – it desires to use the Pope’s authority to “legalize” aggression against Ukraine. Though, the position of Vatican in this regard is not evident. Possibly, the Pope sincerely believes he may bring peace to Ukrainian lands…

The whole history of Europe-Russia relations testifies that Russian authorities act bottom-line being able to use any methods, even back-alley in order to achieve their purposes. This is confirmed by numerous corruption scandals related to activation of powerful pro-Russian lobby among European political and business elite. Therefore there is no point to expext that Russia will turn its coat at the next meeting with Francis…

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