Christianity and Biblical killings

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 Christianity and Biblical killings

Post by newcats »

What are the opinions here on the killings depicted in the Bible? Lately, I've been trying to read the Bible more in-depth, and research in general. I was wondering about some of the Biblical killings and I found a site called "Exposing Christianity" which listed even more, and now I don't know what to think. I realized that I haven't even read about many of the things which are depicted in the Bible
I feel somewhat confused by this. Has anyone else wondered about this? I'm looking for answers about this part of the Bible and am curious as to what others think. I guess I will keep trying to research the truth with an open mind.
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 Re: Christianity and Biblical killings

Post by LuciusB »

I don't think there's anything to expose. It's a fascinating subject though. Which killing are you most confused about, Newcats?
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