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Lucian Hodoboc
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 Orthodox novels

Post by Lucian Hodoboc »

Can you recommend me any novels that are somehow related to Orthodoxy? I enjoy reading literature and I am particularly fond of Christian novels, but so far I have found mostly fiction based on or related to Evangelical and Catholic Christianity.
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 Re: Orthodox novels

Post by BodyAndBlood »

You will be hard pressed to find such books in Orthodoxy. Orthodoxy deals in reality and does not base encouragement of the faith through contrived stories of hypotheticals . Orthodoxy knows , one cannot suppose anything concerning response to unforeseen events. St. Peter doubted what Jesus told him about himself, until confronted by the test which could have resulted in death. This is why what Jesus spoke of Peter, concerning his denial of knowing Jesus- is so important to understand. We cannot suppose anything about ourselves and God knows us better than we know ourselves. It is best to read up on the saints and their experiences . They are what is truly life affirming. And pray we live up to the tests , however they present themselves.
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