Orthodox people in Tadjikistan need help

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 Orthodox people in Tadjikistan need help

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Hello Friends!

Most of people in Tadjikistan are Muslims, as in the surrounding countries.
Both Muslims and Orthodox mostly are below the poverty line.
Our Dushanbe diocese of Russian Orthodox Church is trying to help all people, who come for help in the form of free lunches on Sundays, grocery sets, medicines and other needs of homeless or single persons. These projects exist on donations from caring people. We try to help everyone: children left without parents or from very poor, dysfunctional families, single old people and seriously ill, homeless people and women who find themselves in difficult life situations.
We are trying to attract additional funds, as we cannot leave people without help from our wards, who are in dire need. Someone needs medicine, someone needs products. It is necessary to purchase diapers, sliders and baby food.
We hope that you will respond and be grateful for any signs of compassion for those who are outside of Russia and come to us in order to survive.
We remember and pray for all of our caring people.
If you cannot help us, we will be grateful to you for disseminating this information on social networks or to provide us with a place for a banner on your website - this is also great help!

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