Our fathers did eat manna in the wilderness. Nothing more senseless, nothing more unreasonable,...

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 Our fathers did eat manna in the wilderness. Nothing more senseless, nothing more unreasonable,...

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Our fathers did eat manna in the wilderness.

Nothing more senseless, nothing more unreasonable, than these men! While the miracle was yet in their hands, as though none had been done, they spoke after this manner, What sign dost thou show? and having thus spoken, they do not even allow Him the right of choosing the sign, but think to force Him to exhibit none other than such a one as was wrought in the days of their fathers; wherefore they say, Our fathers did eat manna in the wilderness, thinking by this to provoke Him to work such a miracle as might supply them with carnal nourishment. Else why did they mention none other of the miracles of old, though many took place in those times, both in Egypt and at the sea and in the wilderness, but only that of the manna? Was it not because they greatly desired that one by reason of the tyranny of their bellies? Ye who when ye saw His miracle called him a Prophet, and attempted to make Him a King, how is that now, as though none had been wrought, ye have become thankless and ill-minded, and ask for a sign, uttering words fit for parasites, or hungry dogs? Does the manna now seem wonderful to you? Your soul is not now parched up.

Mark too their hypocrisy. They said not, Moses did this sign, what doest thou? thinking it would annoy Him; but for a while they address Him with great reverence, through expectation of food. So they neither said, God did this, what doest thou? that they might not seem to make Him equal with God; nor did they bring forward Moses, that they might not seem to lower Him, but put the matter in an intermediate form, Our fathers did eat manna in the wilderness. He indeed might have replied, I, but now, have wrought greater wonders than did Moses, requiring no rod, having no need of prayer, but doing all of Myself; and, if ye call to remembrance the manna, see, I have given you bread. But this was not the season for such speeches; and the one thing He earnestly desired was, to bring them to spiritual food. And observe His Infinite Wisdom and His manner of answering:

Moses gave you not that bread from heaven; but My Father gives you the True Bread from heaven.

- St. John Chrysostom, Homilies On The Gospel Of John, 45, John 6:31, 32.

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