We do not go about murdering our enemies, for we convert them, and add them to our own, in prayer....

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 We do not go about murdering our enemies, for we convert them, and add them to our own, in prayer....

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We do not go about murdering our enemies, for we convert them, and add them to our own, in prayer. Remember: 12 Apostles had the entire world as enemies and wanted to murder them. See how they gained so many holy believers without ever shedding blood. We are all evil and sinners, but we pray for conversion and help the wicked embrace righteousness. Thus does our army grow: not by aggression, but by Love.

We are called to be Christ's followers and imitators in all things, as St. Paul writes. We need to understand that we can convert our enemies in prayer - many witnesses have seen it countless times throughout History. Of course, some will be inevitably lost, but we also pray for these, that at least a deathbed conversion be possible. Yet, if they attack and murder our own, directly, we are allowed to fight back, of course, in this sole exception. Still, the Spanish Civil War has some extraordinary stories in this regard, too.

During the Communist Spanish Revolution, the Communists murdered whole families, forcing them to apostatise before killing them, usually. One time, after the two children and husband of a mother had been killed in front of her, having refused to curse Christ, the mother kissed the hands of the murderer, telling him "that by his hands they are now in Heaven, their victorious crowns Granted by Jesus Christ Himself". The murderer was shocked and became a Christian that very same day, abandoning his cause. The Revolution was defeated by such brave men of God, whose fight is in a different and higher front, for the souls of men, a spiritual battle, not against flesh and blood. The real fight is within us, for we all shall die and give an account before The Lord's Aweful Judgment Seat.

The evil oppressors and persecutors were all defeated by Christ, often without a single shot being fired. How could this be? Let us not doubt God's Power. Prayer can defeat anyone and everyone. Who can stand against His Power? If He Wills us to be punished by oppressive forces, this is our merit, for our own sinfulness. If this forces us to better ourselves and establish a holy life, defeating our own demons, we see how, just as quickly as the oppressor came, he vanishes at once by Divine Power. Christians could have easily revolted against Rome, being many millions, as Tertullian writes, yet they rather prayed for their persecutors, for Revolution is forbidden to a Christian. The persecution ceased and the Empire converted to Christianity, in the end. All enemies were defeated. Countless times has this so been. Divine Faith is our surest weapon. All others have failed throughout history - but this one has never lost its edge.

All murderous tyrannies are God's Will and Punishment. We must not forget Divine Providence, for He Is The Lord, and all occurs by His Will. The purest and holiest Church is that of North Korea, in fact. These are the ones closest to Apostolic Christians, and we should rather learn from them, instead of wishing to "free" them from their sanctity. God Shall Collapse all tyrannies and horrors in due time - doubt this not.

Remember: death is inevitable and we all shall die. The Lord's Justice Is Perfect. When the time is right, when unjust direct aggression exists, then do we fight back. But going about "freeing the world" and "improving the world" is the specific ideology of Antichrist. Christ Has Rescued and Saved us from this wretched world already - any other "saving" is a denial of Jesus Christ, it is Antichrist. To go about and fight wars for some "just cause" is precisely what Marxism stands for, as also Romanism and all other Utopianism. There is no "Earthly Paradise". We are in exile in this world, and it is not our home. All of it shall be destroyed and a New World or Aeon shall be created. Suffering and horror is real. These are our trials, this is our Cross. Let us, in Faith, embrace the Cross and follow The Lord to Golgotha.

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