Where can I address for help, please?

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 Where can I address for help, please?

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Hello! I'm from Russia. Due to my knowing English not bad several years ago I got acquainted with a man from the USA through a penpalling site. He told me he was convicted, but was not entirely honest and didn't say for what. We had been friends for several years, and we fell in love with each other so that we hoped to get married if he will be freed.
He is in prison for already 31 years since his 19. And he actually had a life time conviction with a right of amnesty. He used to get such a right once in several years. But his mother who is still alive is on bad terms with him and whenever he gets his chances to be released, she addresses right-defenders and achieves his amnesty not happening, insisting that he is a dangerous person. I on my side would want to act in his defence in some way. He is the William Alexander (T/N 655 687) who figured in the sadly known case of the murder of Jessica Witt... which I learnt about only in several years of our acquaintance and by accident. But I know him for several years and I'm sure that he has changed... 31 years, from 19 to 51. It's a big time; I know him now, I didn't know him in his teenage of course, but I know him now, and now he is a kind and not young person.
So many years have passed, a person has spent 31 years in prison and is going to spend there all his life if won't be released. It is a really hard trial, and I hope he will be released rather than serving all his life. Are there any Orthodox Christian people in the USA who are doing something of care about the convicted people, their defence or help to them? I'm seeking some charity organisations or movements or individual enthusiasts because I'm poor and not financially able to afford paying anyone in USD.

I'm sorry I had to copy this my message from another Orthodox forum due to a lack of personal time for paraphrasing it.

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