Need Books on ROC Sergianism/Stalin 1939-1945

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 Need Books on ROC Sergianism/Stalin 1939-1945

Post by Fyodor »

I have not had Communion nor have I attended services since 2007 when ROCOR united with Moscow.
ROCA was my church who baptized me 70 years ago.
To this day, all the 921 splinter groups are still bad mouthing each other making it impossible for me to attend any of them.
I have a number of books that scantily go into the early 1940s and give me more questions than definitive answers. Apostolic succession is one of the problems I'd like to get an answer to BUT I suppose everyone has their own share of questions on this topic.
Anybody have any book titles on this?
Flogging a dead horse keeps coming to mind ...
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 Re: Need Books on ROC Sergianism/Stalin 1939-1945

Post by Nikolai »

Hello Fyodor,
Do you only read in English? If not you could find some books in Russian and perhaps try to google translate it?
It's so sad to hear that you haven't had Communion for so many a time. For me as a Russian Orthodox the time when our Churches (Heads of the 2 Jurisdictions) met and celebrated the Divine Liturgy in 2007 was one of the most blissful moments in life, it was a real chudo, miracle for me at that time and it is still so.
Tell me more about what particular issue/s you would like to read on and I'll try and find it in Russian for you. God bless you, and please bless me, too.
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