Returnng to the basics (just a reflection)

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 Returnng to the basics (just a reflection)

Post by Katavasia »

Could not find a right place for this topic...
Recently I red an article written by a former Greek evangelical protestant minister about his conversion to Orthodoxy. I was very surprised. I am used to American evangelicals, Russian evangelicals, but for some reason I have never thought it possible in Greece. I have always imagined it like an unshakable solid rock of Orthodox faith. It turns out that nobody is free from the currents of our time...
And the funny thing... The Greek convert was citing absolutely the same theological reasons of his conversion as people in Russia and America. Something thatfor me seemed natural and even basic for him was a revelation... I am used to Americans having to discovet those truths (but they are new). I am used to russians missing them (but we had 70 years of national atheism). But Greeks!!! The nation that gave us the greates theologians!!!
I no means I wasn somehow offend our Greek brothers and sisters...
It just seemed funny for me that I thought them imune of modernity. And it was a lesson for me that even the nations with predominant Orthodox faith need not forget to remind themselves of basic things.
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 Re: Returnng to the basics (just a reflection)

Post by Serafima »

I have some Greek friends who were born here in America. Most of they think church is for money only and being a Priest is a good job and almost nobody takes Orthodoxy seriously, they don't want to think what is going to happen with them after death. A lot of guys think that church is a good place to find a girlfriend. In fact i know one guy he is son of a priest. I am not even talking about him smoking marijuana every day, he spends most of his time in Internet on some masonic sites and says that Orthodoxy is for retards. People who just came from Greece a little bit different, they say that during fasts most of restaurant and clubs are closed and a lot of people go to church. But its mostly older generation that is fasting and praying and going to services. younger generation wants to be modern. I hope that is only my experience and i hope i am very wrong.
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 Re: Returnng to the basics (just a reflection)

Post by texianfortruth »

I think we are - after some centuries in which the worlds culture in many areas was heavily influenced by the teachings of Christianity - returning to a time when the large majority of the world’s cultures are pagan. I have never been to Greece so I cannot say how things are there, but certainly in North America and lands of the former Roman Patriarchate this is the case.
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